We bring to you an spectacular stop motion video of San Pedro de Atacama’s amazing nigth sky.

We also propose to you and experiment that you can try alone, with family or friends

The efect of this experiment is deeper here in the desert because the clarity and amount of stars here is overwhelming, so it’s better if you try it when you visit San Pedro de Atacama. But you can perform this wherever you are.

This is the idea:

At a clear night and far away from any ligth source, choose a comfortable spot to lay down on your back. It’s also ideal to be wrapped up so cold doesn’t matter.

Lay down on your back, on a blanket if it is possible, with arms and legs stretched, and breathe deeply.

In this state and position begin to realize of the reality… that the thing that we call SKY, it’s not “Up” but all around us. And that we are travelling in a little stone, to witch we are “Stuck”, floating on the eternal void of the Universe.

If you succeed in this perception point of view change, you will feel the sky as “Down” and you even will get vertigo, as if you can fall over there… fall towards the stars.

We leave you this stop motion video of San Pedro de Atacama Night sky so you can inspire with it


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