Welcome to SanpedrOnline.cl 2.0

It give us a deep pleasure to give you a warm welcome to the version 2.0 of our booking site for San Pedro de Atacama, SanpedrOnline.cl . 

As a brand new function we can highligth the mobile friendly adaptatability of SanpedrOnline.cl

categoriahotelesOn top of that, since now you will be able to book more than 100 Hotels and Hostels on San Pedro de Atacama directly from the horizontal Menu.

We have included a list of properties that doesn’t require Credit Card to guarantee your booking in order of make your search easier in the case that you don’t have one.


sin tarjetaWe remind our Travelers that those Hotels and Hostels that DO require Credit Card, it is used only as Booking Guarantee, they will charge it (one night) only in the case that you don’t arrive the designated day. Otherwise, the normal way is that you pay on your arrive to your accommodation.

Soon, our Tour and Rentals own booking system will be operative. There you will be able to choose between several providers for the same service and pay it through Deposit/Bank Transfer, or Credit Card (7% bank system use charge).

By now you can request a cuote for your excursion program at reservas@sanpedronline.cl

What you see around this text it’s only the beginning. We are working premanently to emprove the functionality, use, look and navigability of Sanpedronline.cl, that’s why your comments and sugestions are very much appreciated

This is the first post of this Blog, the kick off. We pretend to make it (the Blog) a useful information media, where, for example, we will publish periodically the availability for holidays, traditional celebrations, long weekends and so on…

Obviously, we will have a Photography Section dedicated to the dessert images of our own, or from the travellers that visit San Pedro de Atacama, and want to share with us and our users theirs view of this amazing place. Travellers that many times have a Travell Journal/Blog that also will have space in our Blog.

Other sections will rise, many sugested by yourself. It will be an honor for us to host a community in our website, with San Pedro de Atacama as a common interest, transcending Tourism and reaching the Human factor.

Our goal is to facilitate all the aspects that are involved in the planning of a San Pedro de Atacama’s visit. That’s why our system work 100% automatically. However our experience tell us that many users doesn’t want to interact only with a machine. That’s why we have added a Chat tab  at the bottom left of this Site where you can find an Executive that will be willing to answer any of your questions chat(also at Whatsapp +56961162895). Out of our Attention times, this Tab works as a regular mail form, that we will answer as soon as possible.

We know that at first it will be a little hard for our customers to realize that the Accomodation and Tour services use Two separated booking systems.But we hope that the Menu Logic impose

colaboracionAs you can see if you do click on any accommodation on the (horizontal) Menu, we work as Booking.com’s  colaborators, booking system that operates more that a half of a million Hotels and Hostels around the word. Specifically in San Pedro de Atacama, there’s more than a 100 properties that use Booking.com to manage their bookings, from Backpakers to 5 Stars All Inclusive Hotels… and us, as Booking.com’s colaborators, have the posibility to make direct bookings into any of those 😉 …  All the booking process it’s taken by Booking.com, so no SanpedrOnline.cl operator shall ever have access to your comercial confidential info, at any time (unless special cases where you provide us your credit card info so we insert a booking in your behalf, but this is rare).

The Tour and Rental booking SanpedrOnline.cl’s inner system uses Paypal as payment method (Bank Deposit/Transfer also avalilable). If you don’t have a Paypal account you can create One at the same payment form. You will be asked to associate a Credit Card with this account (on paypal’s website), so in the future you can buy or purchase on-line without sharing with the seller or service provider (Us in this case) your comercial confidential info.

We understeand that trust is curcial at the time that we operate a On-Line booking service, that’s why we have set all money transactions process to be taken by established and prestigious thirth party institutions.  We hope that this give you confidence on our assistance and booking services.

Our revenue comes from the services providers. If you book your accommodation through SanpedrOnline.cl it’s the same for you that if you book it directly at Booking.com. We don’`t believe that Our Travellers has to pay for our Services, that’s why we don’t overcharge for it..

For Tours and Rentals at San Pedro de Atacama, the CLP prices published are the same that you will find published at that Agencie Office or Website. An if you pay through Bank Transfer, that is what you will be charged. We only add a extra fee to Credit Card booking payment for Bank using cost. Our profit comes from the difference between the customers price and our preferential price.

Thank you very much for your attention, and we hope that when you visit San Pedro de Atacama, you will use SanpedrOnline.cl to program your visit.

See you soon

The SanpedrOnline.cl‘s Team at your service.

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